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Free ...

Approved aid and refugee organisations can apply for a free license for OPAL. Just think of the many addresses refugees might have until they find a new home.


Free for me?

Please contact us, if you would like to use OPAL for a good purpose. We will be happy to consider your request.


OPAL Presentation

The OPAL Presentation provides an almost complete overview to the OPAL system with many screen shots and short easy-to-read explanations. The OPAL Presentation is a partly animated and self-running slide show.

Please note that the size of the screen copy objects (e.g. menus, forms, dialogues) in this simple presentation may differ from the size of these objects in the installed and running OPAL system (e.g. menus are enlarged). We recommend to download OPAL for free and to install the OPAL system to learn and try OPAL with your own data in your own real live situation. By using OPAL for free you can directly benefit from its user-friendliness and functionality. Please contact us for all your support questions (contacts).

If you wonder why this excellent address and dossier management system is called OPAL  ...

The OPAL Presentation also explains the design concepts and the meaning of  O P A L  ...

Start the OPAL Presentation now ...   (14.5 MB *.pps file)


1. The presentation will be loaded from the Internet and directly run in a separate browser window. It
may take some minutes until the OPAL Presentation starts. If this takes too long on your computer or if the presentation is displayed incorrectly with black background patterns, close the separate browser window to cancel the process.

2. To ensure full display quality, you can download the compressed installation file of the OPAL Presentation and run the OPAL Presentation on your computer.

3. To start the OPAL presentation, either Microsoft PowerPoint or the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer must be installed. Download either the PowerPoint Viewer 97 (2.8 MB) or the PowerPoint Viewer 14 (60.4 MB) from or from the Microsoft Download Center - PowerPoint Viewer (60.4 MB).


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