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Approved aid and refugee organisations can apply for a free license for OPAL. Just think of the many addresses refugees might have until they find a new home.


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Please contact us, if you would like to use our services or OPAL for a good purpose. We are happy to assess and consider your request.




Please contact Dolphin's Design Wolfgang W. Rehfus for general inquiries and orders via e-mail. This enables us to reply as accurately and quickly as possible. In case of delays please use the postal address.

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Wolfgang Rehfus, founder and owner of "Dolphin's Design Wolfgang W. Rehfus", holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and a master's degree (lic. oec. publ. magna cum laude) in business administration and computer science from the University of Zürich, Switzerland. In addition, Wolfgang had been active as a ski instructor (Germany, Switzerland) and, out of private interest, successfully completed the training to become an "Ärztlich geprüfter Gesundheitsberater GGB" (medically approved health advisor GGB by the "Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsberatung e. V. GGB", Society for Health Advice GGB, see infos here and here). In his profession of business administration and computer science, Wolfgang served in various international companies including Waitaki International (Christchurch, New Zealand), Unisys Corporation (Germany, Switzerland) and Credit Suisse Group AG (Switzerland).


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