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Approved aid and refugee organisations can apply for a free license for OPAL. Just think of the many addresses refugees might have until they find a new home.


Free for me?

Please contact us, if you would like to use OPAL for a good purpose. We will be happy to consider your request.


We offer these services:


Software analyses, design and development

We provide individual software analyses, design and development services to enhance your existing software systems.  We improve existing systems to adopt them to new or changed circumstances.  We develop new custom build software systems according to your requirements.

We are specialised in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Access and Visual Basic (VBA).  We also provide analysis, testing and consulting for any other applications and systems.

To best meet the requirements of our customers we also develop individual extensions and additions to our OPAL address, document and dossier management system (CRM). Here is an overview with OPAL screen copies...

Our services are individually customised to best meet your requirements.  Please contact us for any inquiries.


OPAL Installation

The OPAL address, document and dossier management system (CRM) can be installed as single user on a PC or laptop, or as a multi-user system on a network / LAN. Please ask for our installation service.

The OPAL Download (OPAL Setup Program) contains the OPAL installation program, the Microsoft Access Run-Time Version, the OPAL Presentation and complete documentation.

The OPAL Setup Program enables to automatically install all necessary OPAL files and the required Microsoft Access Runtime Version on the PC, Laptop or LAN client workstation. Please read the document OPAL Installation - Quick and Simple! (914 KB PDF before you install OPAL.

On the first start of a new OPAL installation the OPAL Installation Wizard appears and will automatically install all server files, such as the database and security files, to the selected server destination or connect a new client installation with the existing OPAL database on the network server.


OPAL Customisation

The first start-up of OPAL by each new user will display the OPAL Welcome Wizard. The OPAL Welcome Wizard informs about all options, the online help available within OPAL, and guides each new user to set the main options, to customise OPAL to best meet his individual requirements.

All selection lists, such as the postcode lists, person catalogues, address types, stationery, etc. are adjusted centrally to meet the mutual requirements of all users.

We will customise your OPAL installation to best meet your requirements, if you want us to do so. This ensures that you take the best advantage of the OPAL address management, document management, dossier management, CRM system.


OPAL Training

The OPAL help menu enables to start the OPAL Introduction. This presentation provides a good overview to the OPAL system with many screenshots and short easy-to-read explanations. More detailed help is provided by the integrated OPAL help system.

In addition we offer individual training, on request on-site in your office, to ensure that you receive the best benefit from the OPAL address management, document management, dossier management, CRM system.


OPAL Support

For the OPAL address, document and dossier management system (CRM) we offer professional support via e-mail, phone or individually on-site in your office.

If you need support for the OPAL address, document and dossier management system (CRM) just give us a call or send an e-mail (contacts).

Please describe your question or problem in detail with the used or required menu functions and the situations. Do not forget to include your complete contact details.

General e-mail enquiries regarding the usage of OPAL are free of charge. Please note the information in the integrated OPAL help system (OPAL menu 'Help') first. Additional support is charged at affordable rates.


Rates and additional information

For any service inquiry please contact us via e-mail (contacts) with your details and the required service or question.

We will send you the requested information and inform you about the current rates which apply. In general all services are charged on a hourly rate but daily rates can be negotiated to best suit your requirements.


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