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Approved aid and refugee organisations can apply for a free license for OPAL. Just think of the many addresses refugees might have until they find a new home.


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Please contact us, if you would like to use our services or OPAL for a good purpose. We are happy to assess and consider your request.


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You are invited to use our Software & Publication Services for your business, your organisation or your private needs. Our Services comprise general as well as application specific help and support, analyses of situations and applications, design and development of software applications including databases, full application testing with recommending improvements, as well as the production of publications such as flyers, brochures and books. We are specialised in using the Microsoft Office (e.g. Excel) and Microsoft Office Access (e.g. SQL, VBA) products. Please see our Services for more details.


You are also invited to use and to recognise the benefits of our fully customised and easy-to-use OPAL Addresses and Dossier Management System (CRM). This application is commercially proven and used by various organisations successfully every day since more than two decades. OPAL is a user-friendly and professional dossier management system (CRM) for all activities and documents, with integrated contact and address management, as well as the project administration. OPAL can also be used as a pure address management system. However, you will very soon honour the additional benefit of the integrated dossier management as well.


OPAL can be used on a professional business network server with several client workstations just as well as on a private personal computer. OPAL runs fully independent from Internet availability, but offers all needed connectivity (e.g. sending e-mails, using hyperlinks) if Internet is available. Therefore, you are always in full control of your OPAL data and documents. Here are 7 OPAL highlights:

  1. Address management for unlimited addresses (with international address formats) and for unlimited numbers for each organisation and for each person.

  2. Relations management for unlimited relations between organisations, persons and projects.

  3. Dossiers for a well targeted overview to all activities of a person, organisation or project. Each dossier may contain unlimited activities, documents and pending files and provides various search and filter functions. Documents may be OPAL-Documents, which are stored in the OPAL database, as well as externally stored and linked files (all file types are supported).

  4. Text processing (highly automated OPAL-Documents) for the efficient, quick and user-friendly creation of letters, mailings, notes and other documents (for printing, sending via fax and e-mail).

  5. Stationery (user defined) to automatically being used for the creation of letters, mailings, notes and other documents.

  6. Integration of all external files (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, etc.) with unlimited hyperlinks.

  7. E-Mail Client to directly send individual e-mails and personalised e-mail mailings and newsletter, which are automatically archived in all relevant dossiers. The e-mail client needs an Internet connection (third party fees may apply).

In addition to its user-friendly data entry and data administration (including «Smart-Filter» in selection lists), as well as all necessary tools for the technical administration and data security (including user codes and passwords), OPAL offers a wizard to import existing person, organisation and address data from any database or table (e.g. Microsoft Excel). Due to the design and the flexibility of OPAL it is possible to store all data in a way to represent the reality. The dossiers for each person and for each organisation will be created and maintained automatically by the usage of OPAL.


Please see the OPAL Overview, which is illustrated with various screen copies, download the summarising OPAL Flyer (PDF with 3 pages information), and enjoy the Free Downloads.


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We are involved in the conservation and protection of nature, food and health, as well as environment and peace. This is important to us, not only but especially as basis for all economic activities and interests. Peace and environmental protection are no contradiction to economy, but their very foundation. Also because of that, renewable energies must be build up without delay and replace nuclear power worldwide and completely (see


Wolfgang W. Rehfus




A tip to use OPAL easy and smart:
How to find the details of a person or organisation?

2.1.2023, 532 KB PDF



An error in Microsoft Office can cause, that OPAL is not started. The solution is very simple ... This error had been corrected in Microsoft Office 2016 for most situations and occurs only very seldom.
(18.2.2019, 327


Latest technology:

The new version OPAL 8.0 is now available as Public Beta Release offering the latest Microsoft Office Access 2016 technology, for example the automatically displayed Rich-Text-Formatting-Menu as part of the integrated OPAL text processing (23.3.2021).


Experience reports:

Already since 2001 the aid organisation International Project Aid uses the advantages of OPAL daily at multiple workstations on their local network (LAN). Read the OPAL experience reports ...


For you ... 

Also for self-employed and private persons OPAL is the user-friendly and efficient addresses and dossier management. Here is an overview...

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