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OPAL 7.4



Free ...

Approved aid and refugee organisations can apply for a free license for OPAL. Just think of the many addresses refugees might have until they find a new home.


Free for me?

Please contact us, if you would like to use our services or OPAL for a good purpose. We are happy to assess and consider your request.


Prices and Orders


You are invited to download and test OPAL for free. You can decide later which OPAL license you require and order your OPAL license via e-mail.

Return to OPAL 7.4 menu for an overview to OPAL.



The fees for OPAL licenses are calculated for the required number of users (user codes) and OPAL client installations. Therefore no unneeded surplus licenses must be paid to use OPAL. The license fee depends on the selected OPAL product (e.g. OPAL Solar  or OPAL Professional), as well as the required number of users (user codes) and OPAL client installations.

The following tables show the license fees for all single user installations (1 user and 1 installation) and for multiple licenses in multi-user network installations of OPAL Professional. Please ask for an individual special offer.


Single User Installations:




OPAL Solar


free 1)

OPAL Solar


270 CHF

320 NZD



360 CHF

430 NZD

OPAL Professional


480 CHF

570 NZD

1) Special conditions apply for this free offer of OPAL Solar (we charge a 50.- administration fee to issue the free license).



Multi-User Network Installations:



Price per license

OPAL Professional


480 CHF

570 NZD

OPAL Professional

2. and 3.



OPAL Professional

 4. to 10.

330 CHF

 390 NZD

OPAL Professional

from 11.

200 CHF

 240 NZD



Versions Update:


to version OPAL 7.4

OPAL 7.3

Free - 100 % discount

OPAL 7.2

50 % discount

OPAL 7.1

30 % discount



Test OPAL for free

In our Free OPAL Downloads you can download the original OPAL Setup Program for free. You are invited to install and test OPAL 99 days for free! The licence to use OPAL during 99 days will be installed automatically and is free of charge.

To order your exclusive OPAL license you need the form OPAL License-Order, which is also available for download. This document also contains the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR DOLPHIN'S DESIGN SOFTWARE.


Order OPAL via e-mail

Please post us the completed form OPAL License-Order (double-sided printed on a single A4 sheet front/back), or order the required OPAL license via e-mail:

Order OPAL Solar ...

Order OPAL P&P ...

Order OPAL Professional ...

State the number of required OPAL installations and user codes for your OPAL license and don't forget to include your complete address and contact details.

Please let us know, if you require an OPAL CD-ROM. You will receive the original OPAL CD-ROM, installation information and the form to order your exclusive OPAL License as soon as possible.


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