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OPAL 7.4



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Approved aid and refugee organisations can apply for a free license for OPAL. Just think of the many addresses refugees might have until they find a new home.


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Please contact us, if you would like to use our services or OPAL for a good purpose. We are happy to assess and consider your request.



7. More OPAL Highlights

OPAL 7.4


The multilingual user-interface (English, German, French* and Italian*) can be selected online at any time individually by each user.


Custom definable multilingual selection lists (e.g. activity groups, activity types, catalogues and mailing lists, salutations and letter salutations, address types, number types, relation types, languages and countries) are stored in the database and available to all users.


Any number of activity groups (e.g. Business, Private) and activity types (e.g. letter to, letter from, phone call, note, meeting with, offer to, contract with) can be defined.


Any number of catalogues and mailing lists (e.g. customers, suppliers, employees, Christmas-mailing) can be assigned to each person.


Any number of  addresses (e.g. private, office, mail address, holiday, internet) can be defined per person.


Any number of  numbers (e.g. phone, direct phone, fax, e-mail, mobile phone) can be defined per person.


Any number of relations between activities, persons and projects including multi level parent-child-relations (e.g. Holding - company - manager - employee) can be defined.


International address formats (e.g. postcode before or after the city's name) are automatically supported and can be predefined for each country.


The stationery can be defined with professional headers and footers including images and logos. Each stationery can be used automatically for new documents including custom defined default texts.


User options enable to adjust OPAL individually to the functional needs of each user. The size of the forms, height and width, can be adjusted dynamically and is stored for each user.


Additional adjustable fields in the administration of persons and projects enable to meet individual requirements. These fields can for example be defined with your own descriptions for any kind of usage. These fields can be exported and used in mailing letters just as all other fields.


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* The French and the Italian user interface of OPAL is not fully translated in the current version of OPAL and appears mostly in English. Please request an updated version, if you need these translations or any other language for the OPAL user interface.






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