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6. Dossier of a Project (Activities and Documents)

OPAL 7.4


The OPAL dossier management for projects provides the complete overview to all project documents. The integrated management of all documents, activities and pending files ensures that the dossiers of all projects come into being on the fly.



The OPAL window 'Project Details' enables to edit all details and relations of the selected project. The page 'Activities' shows the complete dossier with all activities and documents of the selected project.


The complete dossier of each project includes all activities, documents and pending files which are related to the project. The display of each dossier provides various filters (incl. individual text filters for all database fields) and filter options (e.g. 'all e-mails', 'no e-mails', 'all mailings', 'no mailings', etc.).


A double click on any activity (or enclosure) opens the document automatically in its application (e.g. Microsoft Word).


In the same window OPAL provides user-friendly access to all general details of the project with the project names, start date, description, assigned catalogues, etc. and all relations of the selected project with other projects and with persons.


Due to the integration of all project-details with the dossier of the project (see list of all activities of the project in the image above) OPAL ensures that at any time you have all the important information at hand.






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